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 Charitable donations are  a direct reflection of our values and perspectives.  Whenever we  donated money in the past, we were contributing it towards something we  felt had importance.  If we wanted to see food available to homeless veterans in our community, we could donate to the local veteran  hospital, food pantry, or soup  kitchen.  If we wanted to fight global warming, there were plenty of organizations that were fighting for such change.  The real question was whether we'd found something with enough  importance to us to speak out with our wallets. Second, helping others  improved our self worth in many ways. Once we'd given something to a  charity that we'd truly believed in, we felt good about it. The money in our pockets went towards a cause beyond what we could manage in our daily life, a cause that combined with the similar actions of others actually brought about change in the world. That’s not something you can get from buying yourself a flat panel television. By establishing Good WorXX, a certified 501 (c) (3) non profit organizatiin, we are now able to help sponsor various charitable events to support many different causes. 


Dravet Syndrome

 Dravet syndrome is a rare genetic epileptic encephalopathy (dysfunction of the brain). It begins in the first year of life in an otherwise healthy infant. Prior to 1989, this syndrome was known as epilepsy with polymorphic seizures, polymorphic epilepsy in infancy (PMEI) or severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy (SMEI). The disease begins in infancy but is lifelong.  Some more important points:

  • About 80% of people with this syndrome have a gene mutation that causes problems in the way that ion channels in the brain work. This mutation is most often not inherited from the parents, but is considered a de novo or "new" mutation in the child. The seizures are refractory, or do not respond to seizure medications well in most cases.
  • Most children develop some level of developmental disability and have other conditions that are associated with the syndrome.
  • It is commonly misdiagnosed.
  • Infants have normal development at the time the seizures begin. MRI and EEG tests are also normal in infancy. 



 Miles is a five year old preschooler from McCordsville, In. He battles frequent seizures from a form of Dravet syndrome. He has had seizures since he was 4 months old, which caused him to have developmental delays along with other comorbidities, such as chronic lung disease and balance and movement issues. Reports suggest that 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 40,000 people have Dravet Syndrome. Go to miles4formiles to make donations that will assist families financially, battling Dravet Syndrome.

        Through the efforts of Good WorXX, a team of bikers will travel from Indianapolis, Indiana to San Diego, California by bike in honor of Miles. Proceeds will be donated to kids like Miles, battling some form of Epilepsy.


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